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Drop-Deck Safe Trailers are always-level, non-tilting, ground-level loading trailers with self adjusting air suspension that generate revenue, eliminate injuries and save valuable time!
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The Drop-Deck Safe Trailer

Airtow_SafeLoadingSafe movers throughout the country are using Airtow’s Drop-Deck Safe Trailer because of the cost savings in loading and the reduction of personal injury liability. The trailer deck remains level as it lowers flat to the ground. You simply push a pallet jack or roll the safe on, strap it down, push a button to raise the deck and drive away. It’s that simple.

The deck lowers completely to the ground eliminating difficult tilt beds or dangerous loading ramps. Safes are easy to load by one person even in adverse weather conditions.

Axles are mounted with large tapered roller bearings, eliminating all bushings, shackles, bolts and wear items ensuring better alignment and tire wear. The trailer has full air suspension which automatically adjusts for the weight you are carrying and any side-to-side weight differences, giving a super-smooth, level trailer ride at all times.

With our large 75” wide deck and up to 12,000lbs of load capacity, the Drop-Deck Safe Trailer is ideal for your biggest safe & vault jobs and even the smaller ones too. Heavy thickness deck plates, plus critical placement of chassis members eliminate floor dishing when carrying safes. Optional 36” or 48” extended e-rails around the perimeter of the trailer accommodate tie-down straps at 2” increments to safely secure any safe during travel.

The Drop Deck Safe Trailer is even ideal for other equipment with low clearance and poor traction such as scissor lifts, street sweepers, pavement rollers and more!


WATCH VIDEO: Troy Bybee from Mountain Safe Company talks about his Drop Deck Safe Trailer.